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Mark is creator of StayOnSearch and it has been a complete-time Affilite marketer for upwards of 5yrs. During his five years being an IM, he’s worked for two Internet Marketing companies, when they have managed countless marketing campaigns that range from SEO, PPC, Social websites, E-mail Marketing, and Internet marketing.

This season, Mark went off on his own, starting their own Website marketing company, called Search Creativelywhich is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

During Mark’s time to yourself, he loves watching sports, traveling , and spending time together with his wife, daughter and two dogs.

About StayOnSearch

StayOnSearch was made the government financial aid 2008 by Mark Thompson, the whole-time Affiliate marketer who were built with a strong passion to the industry. Each day yet manage client IM campaigns and help bring customers and revenue to your massive amount businesses and organizations. Mark thought it would be good to produce a resource and strategy to give other Affiliate marketers to be able to learn from the strategies and tips he acquired each day. This is one way StayOnSearch had become.

From 2008-2010, Mark worked for two different companies as a possible Website marketing Specialist, which limited his chance to contribute regular content for the blog. However in 2010, he dedicated to consider the blog from only a hobby, to a actual logo and authority within the space. From 2010 through today, they have besides added regular contributions for the blog, but has brought over a amount of expert marketing bloggers on board to contributor their knowledge and expertise. He also invested into turning the blog right into a professional designed blog, that’s gotten a number of awards for its blog design.

Also really, StayOnSearch added the 10 Week Affiliate marketing Course as a free course that anyone can sign-up and download. This series continues to be downloaded thousands of times and helped marketers around the globe using their IM strategies and campaigns. He also launched a whitepaper called “The Tips for Building Relationships Online” that assists marketers create meaningful and resilient professional relationships online.

Currently, StayOnSearch has over 1,500 RSS subscribers and drives over 30,000+ monthly unique people to the blog. StayOnSearch has changed into a leading blog from the space, containing led to high demand for guest blog inquiries (that they can accept) and advertising requests.

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