The Ultimate Plagiarism Avenger Review-Protect Your Content and Win Every Competitor


Are you looking for an honest Plagiarism Avenger Review?

In this blog, i’ll review about Plagiarism Avenger which is created by Mark Thompson! This is one of the famous Internet Marketer.He often create awesome product and was sold like crazy.

Which features Plagiarism Avenger contains?

Plagiarism Avenger is often a WordPress Plugin that tracks your articles online, and tells you if anyone is copying or stealing it! The process behind tracking is virtually automatic. All you should do is setup the posts and pages that you might want to be tracked, and save!
Beyond this point, you will definately get regular updates in the event the scan finds all of your content on other websites. But we understand that automating everything won’t help. Where will be the feedback? Are you able to train the machine?
Well, it is possible to. We’ve got implemented features that will permit you to teach the search process, so that you can guarantee that known and accepted results don’t come on each and every time!
With this particular plugin, any instances of content plagiarism will be reported for your requirements, then one or more actions that could determine whether a complaint manufactured, or if the offending party is alerted about their copyright infringement. In the event that complaints are successful, the offending party’s website may be removed by online service providers.
We give you the chance to control your content on the web. You have whatever you write, so we give you the tools in order to it throughout the web!

Plagiarism Avenger Allows You To:

  • Protect Your Unique Content
  • Set Up Uniqueness Monitoring Levels
  • Monitor Content in Both Google & Bing
  • White List Authority + Article Syndication Sites
  • Send Automated Email Alerts
  • Run Extensive and Archival Reports
  • Allow you to Easily File DMCA Requests

In this video, you will see how to use this plugin


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Plagiarism Avenger Review- How to use?

Plagiarism Avenger could be the pioneer in seamless content monitoring – and finest coming from all, affordable for everyone marketers!I don’t what you think, but I’m Fed up with site owners taking my hard-earned and costly unique content and benefitting as a result on my behalf.

In this video, you will see step by step use this plugin

Why Should You Buy it?

Do you know this information?

  • Google permits Stolen Content can Outrank Original Author! (Solution)
  • Matt Cutts permits Stolen Content Can Outrank Original… (Solution)
  • A huge selection of Substandard quality Sites are Linking for you…
  • Your SEO Rankings DROPPED…Where do you turn?

It’s pretty crazy that Google plus the head from the web spam team, Matt Cutts openly admit that sites with stolen, duplicated content can outrank the original authors site.

Isn’t that FRUSTRATING (understandably)

Everyday you learn about people’s site ranking drop overnight – without having idea what they have to did.

9 times out of 10, it wasn’t them!

It’s potentially the lots of money of low, spammy scraper sites that have copied your articles and spread it through the web.

Which is the reason this needs to STOP?

Well what happens, there happens to be!

Seriously, we all should stop HOPING that nobody steals our content and take action (since it’s going to happen at sometime and it is getting worse).It doesn’t should be tough, if you possess the right system for monitoring content thieves and using the appropriate steps to seal them down.

This option is affordable for ALL marketers and takes 5 minutes to implement.

Stop Watching and Download it NOW

Which is why Neil Napier and Mark, the marketer and product creator working together with this publisher, decided to do something relating to this ongoing and GROWING problem.

The price of this product?

The Plagiarism Avenger amount to $17 – $27, different is between Lite Version and Pro Version, it all is determined by your requirements. I believe this is really an easily affordable price for an awesome merchandise that may help you do many boring jobs and save a great deal of time.

It is important of all, Plagiarism Avenger Plugin has 100%  refund guarantees when you are not happy using this plugin .

Please check out my special package worth over $2000 besides to obtain the addition value if you want to claim this plugin. Stop wasting time, this offer can be stopped anytime. It’s just for first 10 persons.

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It’s time to start saving your client sites,your business site and personal site by STOPPING these content thieves and reclaim your rankings,traffic and revenue!. You can enjoy the feeling with family, going to the cinema with friends. Competitors know just powerless against your content.

To Your Online Success,

Roger Minh


How to prevent other from copy and paste your blog content


It’s frustrating when folks copy your blog post or image and pass them back as their own. No many thanks, no credit, no linkback. Worse still once the stolen content ranks above yours (the initial) browsing results. All the efforts, down the drain.
This post will disclose how deter bad people from stealing your website content.

How your site content is copied?

  • Select – Copy – Paste. Accomplished in your browser’s menu, the correct-click context menu or using shortcut keys.
  • Select – Drag – Drop. Text and pictures might be selected and dragged into another window.
  • Copy from RSS feed. If you would like copy a total post this method is the most suitable. Scrapers love Rss given it delivers your latest post in their mind. They are able to copy all of your latest content without visiting your website!
  • Copy from source code.

How you can safeguard your articlesBelow are several different techniques to stop your blog content from being copied without your consent:

1) Disable text selection

Making text unselectable is best method to prevent text from being copied from a live page with all the right-click context menu shortcut keys or drag & drop. This is implemented only using CSS, by making use of the next CSS definitions to the element you want text selection disabled.

Re-enable text selection

Let’s say you want to allow copying in certain aspects of your posting. Say you post some codes (like I do) for readers to repeat, then it doesn’t make sense as long as they can’t select to copy it right? Fortunately it is possible to restore text selection, through the use of exactly the same CSS definition for the element and replacing the significance “none” with “text”. Let’s say your code is wrapped inside a <code> tag, next the code you would like is:
view sourceprint?

2) Disable right click (only on images)

Some bloggers want to disable right click to try to prevent photos from being stolen through the right click context menu. However, typically the scripts they normally use disables right click on every take into account a website, not merely photos. This risks annoying or offending the remainder/tastes their readers. I for example will probably be annoyed if upon right-clicking a link (to open it in a very new tab), an alert box arises, telling me the photographs inside blog are copyrighted!
The higher quality option is to disable right click only on images.

3) Shorten RSS feed

Whenever they grab your Rss, nothing can stop them from copying or doing what you want from it. Whatever copy prevention measures you’ve applied to the live pages may have no effect here.
That said, you are able to however, control just how much feed they get. To counteract feed from being copied entirely, offer only partial/short feed rather then full feed. Make sure they are revive your site as long as they want more.

4)Watermark images

Image watermarking is surely an proven solution to deter people from stealing your images. When you finally include a watermark to an image, people wouldn’t would like to copy it even if you ask them.
You can watermark by using a photo editing software such as PhotoScape, Gimp or Photoshop, or maybe you is capable of doing it online online on a website that include such service like and

5) Using Plagiarism Avenger

Plagiarism Avenger is created by Mark Thompson is a WordPress Plugin that tracks your articles online, and informs you if anyone is copying or stealing it! Accomplishing this behind tracking is virtually automatic. All you should do is setup the posts and pages that you want being tracked, and save!

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The creator of Plagiarism Avenger-Mark Thompson


Plagiarism Avenger Author

Mark is creator of StayOnSearch and it has been a complete-time Affilite marketer for upwards of 5yrs. During his five years being an IM, he’s worked for two Internet Marketing companies, when they have managed countless marketing campaigns that range from SEO, PPC, Social websites, E-mail Marketing, and Internet marketing.

This season, Mark went off on his own, starting their own Website marketing company, called Search Creativelywhich is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

During Mark’s time to yourself, he loves watching sports, traveling , and spending time together with his wife, daughter and two dogs.

About StayOnSearch

StayOnSearch was made the government financial aid 2008 by Mark Thompson, the whole-time Affiliate marketer who were built with a strong passion to the industry. Each day yet manage client IM campaigns and help bring customers and revenue to your massive amount businesses and organizations. Mark thought it would be good to produce a resource and strategy to give other Affiliate marketers to be able to learn from the strategies and tips he acquired each day. This is one way StayOnSearch had become.

From 2008-2010, Mark worked for two different companies as a possible Website marketing Specialist, which limited his chance to contribute regular content for the blog. However in 2010, he dedicated to consider the blog from only a hobby, to a actual logo and authority within the space. From 2010 through today, they have besides added regular contributions for the blog, but has brought over a amount of expert marketing bloggers on board to contributor their knowledge and expertise. He also invested into turning the blog right into a professional designed blog, that’s gotten a number of awards for its blog design.

Also really, StayOnSearch added the 10 Week Affiliate marketing Course as a free course that anyone can sign-up and download. This series continues to be downloaded thousands of times and helped marketers around the globe using their IM strategies and campaigns. He also launched a whitepaper called “The Tips for Building Relationships Online” that assists marketers create meaningful and resilient professional relationships online.

Currently, StayOnSearch has over 1,500 RSS subscribers and drives over 30,000+ monthly unique people to the blog. StayOnSearch has changed into a leading blog from the space, containing led to high demand for guest blog inquiries (that they can accept) and advertising requests.

In a few days, He will launch a amazing product. This is Plagiarism Avenger. I mentioned it in my honest review

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